It’s official – Audi Q8 coming in 2019 image

Audi has officially announced the introduction of the Q8 luxury SUV which will be introduced sometimes in 2019.

The German based automaker Audi has taken everyone by surprise by announcing its plans to introduce a Q8. The model in question is still a few years away but considering the fact that BMW is rumored to consider an X8, chances are these two models will rival eachother. Let’s not forget that Mercedes-Benz is already in this segment, with the GLS.

“The Audi Q1, the Audi Q8 and a sporty SUV with electric drive in the upper mid segment are intended to provide a solid foundation for the Audi Group’s growth path. With a record investment program of €24 billion until 2019, the company is creating the basis to develop further models and innovative technologies and to expand its international production network”, said the carmaker in a press release.

Initial reports are indicating that the design of the future Audi Q8 will be influenced by the Prologue Concept. This basically means that we should expect a sporty looking luxury SUV. Audi Q8 will be positioned above the new generation of the Q7 and it might have something in common with the Bentley Bentayga, considering the fact that Volkswagen Group is behind both vehicles. Chances are the two SUVs will share their platform and some components but expect a big difference in terms of design and, of course, price, as the Bentley will be significantly more expensive. Additional details on the Q8 remain unknown for the moment but, in the same statement, Audi is also confirming the introducing of the Q1 and the Q6.