The German based automaker Gumpert has recently announced that it’s slowly recovering after filing for insolvency back in August and orders have also been received for the Apollo supercar.

According to the car manufacturer, Gumpert has managed to restart production during insolvency administration and it also received several orders for the Apollo supercar. The company has changed its odds and with the insolvency proceedings starting on the 16th of October, with Gorge Scheid in charge, the automaker is now saying that it’s planning to sell four to five cars in the next quarter.

“After being able to restart production during insolvency administration, slowly but steadily the order list is getting longer. Insolvency proceedings started, according to schedule, on 16th October 2012. Only some days later the first new car sale took place. Insolvency administrator Mr. Görge Scheid is convinced that with all orders in negotiation, business will continue permanently and sustainably”, as Gumpert is saying in its official press release.

The Gumepert dealer network is now back in business and the company is now expecting new orders for the Apollo supercar from markets like China, Japan, the Middle East or Turkey. Gorge Scheid is optimistic about finding an investor and saving the 25 jobs in Altenburg.


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