It’s official – Honda Crosstour dies image

The Japanese based automaker Honda has announced the production stop for the Crosstour.

Honda has officially pulled the plug on the Crosstour and what is quite weird is that this happens right when Acura is trying to replicate some of the success of the BMW X6 and with the 3-Series GT being signed by the German brand. The Accord based model is gone and Honda will be focusing on the development of mainstream cars such as SUVs, crossovers and not only.

“The Crosstour, introduced in 2010, served a positive role in helping the Honda brand target crossover buyers. However, the crossover segment has evolved and we believe the all-new 2016 Honda HR-V launching later this spring will create new value for crossover shoppers and play a more significant role as a gateway model for the Honda brand to drive light truck sales growth. This move will allow the East Liberty Plant to focus on meeting demand for the CR-V and a refreshed 2016 Acura RDX and, as announced last month, expand light truck production in early 2017 with the Acura MDX”, said American Honda Motor Co. executive VP, John Mendel.

The Honda Crosstour has been in production since September 2009, and it has been put together in East Liberty, Ohio, USA, and in Guangzhou, China. The model has been offered in a 5-door body style, with a front engine and front-wheel / all-wheel drive, depending on the selected version. It stood at 4,999 mm in length, 1,897 mm in width and 1,669 mm in height, riding on a 2,797 mm long wheelbase. The engine lineup includes the 2.4 liter, the 3.5 liter V6 between 2010 and 2012 and the 3.5 liter V6 from 2013, connected to either a 5-speed automatic transmission, in the four-cylinder and the early V6, or to the 6-speed automatic, in the current V6.