It’s official: Top Gear Season 19 Christmas Special starts filming image

The UK Top Gear crew has just started filming the Christmas Special for the Season 19 today (October 3, 2012), but the episode won’t be aired until February, next year.

The three famous Top Gear presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are getting ready to be back on BBC and after they have renewed their contracts signing for another three years with the British television, they are currently working on Season 19. According to Jeremy Clarkson’s official Twitter page, the three of them have just started filming Christmas Special for the upcoming season.

“Well people here we go. Warm clothes and thick boots packed. We leave in two hours to start the Top Gear Christmas Special. Airs in February”, said Jeremy Clarkson last night. “I know February isn’t Christmas. But it is our Christmas special. Ad it will be shown in February. Don’t ask me why”, he added.

Besides the new Christmas Special, which according to Jeremy Clarkson will air in February, Top Gear has also put together a special race for the upcoming Season 19, which is a Pan European Race. You can find out more on this by clicking this link. Meanwhile all we can do is wait to see what the famous car show is bringing now.