The expedition will be travelling from North Cape to the Bering Strait to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the North-East Passage completed by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen.
The presentation of the vehicles took place at Iveco’s headquarters in Turin, in the presence of Petter Johannesen, expedition head and descendent of Roald Amundsen. Johannesen will use a fleet of four Massif five-door vehicles and two Iveco Daily 4×4s that have been specially equipped to tackle the challenging climatic conditions of the freezing Nordic winter.

The expedition’s route will take it into some of the most difficult conditions in the world for motor vehicles, where temperatures routinely drop to below -50°C. Indeed, -20°C is already cold enough to cause critical static stress on materials and components. Plastics, for example, become hard and fragile; physical transformations cause oils and fluids to lose their effectiveness; rubber parts and electrical cables crack and break far more easily. Whilst moving, the vehicles will have to face up to extreme dynamic stress caused by the hardening of shock absorbers and the freezing of hydraulic components.


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