You might know his name because of his company – a force to be reckoned with in the automotive industry – as the 83-year-old is the founder of the J.D. Power and Associates researcher.

The California-based company is a renowned arbiter of quality in the automotive industry, although it also recently moved to many other industries, from airlines to telecomm. According to many analysts and car executives, the JDPA could assume much credit for the huge improvements in automotive quality and reliability over the last 40 years.

“He gives people their voice in the marketplace,” said Bud Liebler, a former Chrysler marketing vice president. “He drove us crazy, you could buy Dave lunch, and maybe a couple martinis, but his numbers were the numbers.”

“They’ve all had to work harder to enhance their customers’ experience,” explained Dave Power.

Now, Dave Power has been honored for his automotive contributions by recently being inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. Power sold his research firm to the McGraw Hill empire in 2005 and later retired in 2009. He initially founded the J.D. Power and Associates in the 1960s after working for the No.2 US automaker, Ford, together with his late wife Julie – his first office was the family’s dining room table.


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