Jack Osbourne buys Tesla Model S image

Jack Osbourne is the newest celebrity to have added a Tesla Model S to his garage, as he has been recently seen with his new ride, in Los Angeles.

The Tesla Model S has become the new “Toyota Prius” with the rich and famous as a lot of well-known people have chosen the impressive “green” vehicle. One of these “celebrities” who has recently added a Tesla Model S to his garage is Jack Osbourne. If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry, neither does he, because he will be remembered as Jack Osbourne’s son.

The Tesla Model S, on the other hand, is better known than Jack, and it’s basically a five-door full-sized electric hatchback, produced by Tesla Motors and first shown as a prototype back in 2009, during the Frankfurt Motor Show. The model in question was also released on the Old Continent, back in August 2013, and the first deliveries took place in Switzerland, Norway and the Netherlands. The Tesla Model S has a rear motor and rear-wheel drive and it’s coming with either a 60 or an 85 kWh lithium ion battery, with its range standing at between 335 km (208 miles) to 500 km (310 miles) depending on the version chosen.