Jaguar brings new power to the dashboard image

Jaguar, as a Tier 2 luxury automaker, usually draws customers with its uncanny British character and poise, growl of the powermill under the hood and big cat prestige – rather than infotainment features.

But the ever changing landscape of automotive technology has brought center forward the – usually center, forward mounted computer interfaces – making them one of the crucial selling features of premium brands (and not only). Both Jaguar and Land Rover have long been criticized for having dated infotainment systems. Thanks to the British carmaker being backed by the billions of its Indian Tata Motors parent, the company made recent investment in the fields – and the first fruits are now getting ripe. The recently refreshed Jaguar XF sedan, premiered worldwide at this month’s New York auto show and getting into dealerships before the year’s end, will be the first JLR model to feature the advanced and completely new flagship infotainment system, called InControl Touch Pro.

The system is poised to run around ten times faster than the preceding one, thanks to a quad-core processor sourced from Intel a 60-gigabyte solid-state hard drive and Ethernet to make use of all the available prowess when searching its own data. And, according to Matt Jones, the chief of future infotainment at JLR, it’s going to use a new open-source operating system. Most of it comes from he Linux Foundation and Genivi Alliance, both partners in developing the base for a unified, standard infotainment system that also got involved dozens of companies. Automakers would then treat each system with their own custom interface and with exclusive content – but the base would remain the same, making future updates fast and easy.

Via Automotive News