It doesn’t get quirkier than that – but take it all in the best possible way. A British motoring icon – the original Jaguar E-Type – gets to be reintroduced in production, but only for six incredible units.

While taking an old historic car and making it all over again is no new idea and was definitely tried with various degrees of success by thousand of companies, making the E-Type lightweight all over again – by the original manufacturer itself is quite the feat.

The E-Type is certainly on of the more desirable pieces of automotive history, with only 12 of the “Lightweight” E-Types built instead of 18 as originally planned. Now, the British manufacturer announced its plans to finally fulfill the original goal, by adding six brand new units, entirely hand built in-house to the original specifications.

While around 72,500 standard E-Types were built between 1961 and 1975, the 12 Lightweight units – of which 11 are still in existence – were purposely made for racing, being around 114kg – thanks to the all-aluminium body and engine block, lack of interior trim, chrome and other weight saving measures. The new Lightweight E-Types will likely commend a very high price, although not as much as the usual auction price for an original of 4-5 million British pounds.

Via Daily Mail


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