Jaguar Concept Speedboat is the ultimate accessory for the XF Sportbrake image

Jaguar has thought of the ultimate accessory for its new XF Sportbrake model, a speedboat designed by none other than Ian Callum, Jaguar’s design boss.

Named the Concept Speedboat, the unusual accessory speaks about XF Sportbrake’s customer base, or at least about how Jaguar sees it. “We recognise that both our existing and future customers enjoy diverse and active lifestyles. With the launch of the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake, we had an opportunity to create a vision of how our design philosophy might be applied to an alternative product, in which speed and beauty are also priorities,” said Ian Callum.

“The Concept Speedboat looks powerful. It follows, in so many ways, the idea of a traditional speedboat but with the sleek and fast characteristics that you would expect from a Jaguar Car,” the designer added.

The boat is built on a gel coat fiber-glass hull and features natural teak decking. The speedboat features some design elements that remind of iconic Jaguar cars from the past. The carbon-fiber fin is inspired by the Jaguar D-type, and the fuel filler caps by the Series 1 XJ.

The 6.1-meter long Concept Speedboat has room for three people, in a 2+1 seating layout. As the name suggests, the Jaguar speedboat is a concept only, so don’t ask about the price. Jaguar said that it is a design project commissioned exclusively to support the launch of the XF Sportbrake. Unfortunately for Jaguar fans which are also boat enthusiasts, „the company has no plans to build or commercialise a boat of any kind”.