Jaguar F-Type 600 BHP road racer rendered image

The first rendering image with the upcoming F-Type road racer, with its 600 BHP, has recently hit the web, and it might provide us with a first glimpse into what the model might look like.

Just a few hours after the first details on a new top of the line Jaguar F-Type have made their way onto the web, the first rendering image of the model has been made. The photo posted above is envisioning the Jaguar F-Type in its future top of the line version, with an impressive 600 BHP, that is if the carmaker will give it the green light, and it has been made by Autocar.

The upcoming Jaguar F-Type road racer will become the new top of the line version of the sports car, and it should be powered by a supercharged 5.0 liter V8 engine, the same one used on the XJR and the XKR-S, but the output figure will be stretched way beyond the 542 BHP produced in the models mentioned above. The Jaguar F-Type model in question is expected to get as much as 600 BHP from its engine. If it will get the green light, this F-Type should hit the production line in 2016.

Image Source: Autocar