The all-new Jaguar F-Type sports car has met a classic E-Type at the 2012 Lord Mayor’s Show in London.

The British based automaker Jaguar has announced a few months ago that the all-new F-Type will be taken to the 2012 Lord Mayor’s Show and the company has kept its word. The Jaguar F-Type has been seen along a classic E-Type at the event and if it’s not a direct successor of the E-Type, the sports car is a descendant of it.

“It was great being part of the Lord Mayor’s Show today in the Jaguar F-Type. I was amazed how many people turned out to watch the procession”, said Jessica Ennis, the Jaguar Academy of Sports Ambassador.

As a quick reminder, the Jaguar F-Type has been officially presented to the public during the 2012 Paris Motor Show a couple of months ago and the model is coming in three versions, the F-Type, with its 340 HP 3.0L V6 engine, the F-Type S, with 380 HP out of the same unit and the F-Type V8 S, the most powerful version, producing 495 HP and 625 HP out of the V8 unit. The Jaguar F-Type can be bought from 58,500 GBP in the UK.

Source: Jaguar


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