Jaguar F-Type spontaneously combusts in Belgium image

A Jaguar F-Type has caught fire in Belgium, for no obvious reason, and it was completely ruined and transformed into a pile of melted aluminum, plastic and rubber.

If you have your eyes on the brand new Jaguar F-Type but you don’t think that this can ever live up to the name of more expensive vehicles, signed by Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren, you’re so wrong, because the carmaker’s newest roadster is capable of transforming itself in a candle faster than you can say “fire”. An F-Type owner has found this out the hard way, while cruising the streets of Belgium, behind the wheel of his brand new ride.

According to the guys at, the Jaguar F-Type in question has been driven on the road when the driver spotted “a defect” in it. He decided to pull off the highway and call Jaguar. This is when the F-Type in question decided that it’s better to spontaneously combust than to be repaired so flames turned it into the pile of aluminum, plastic and rubber you can see in the image posted above. The incident will be investigated by Jaguar which said, through its representative Isabelle Michiels, that “something like this has never happened”.