Jaguar I-Pace concept redressed for European debut in Geneva [LIVE update] image

The British automaker is revisiting the I-Pace Concept for its regional debut in Europe during the Geneva Motor Show – as the study is crucially important for the make’s preview of its first fully-electric vehicle.

The British automaker is gearing up for the arrival of the production version “a no-compromise smart, five seat sports car and a performance SUV in one,” set to be revealed sometimes in 2018. The company’s chief designer, Ian Callum, thinks the I-Pace is the “most important” model since the iconic E-Type – and comes with its own unique architecture, as well as large 90-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which should make it a competitor for the similarly-sized Tesla Model X P90D. The platform has the liquid-cooled batteries in the floor, for a low center of gravity and a maximum range of 310+ miles (500+ kilometers) on a single charge in the arguably optimistic NEDC cycle.

Jaguar I-Pace concept redressed for European debut in Geneva 3

Motivation comes from a couple of electric motors, one for each axle, providing an all-wheel drive setup and a combined total output of 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and 516 pound-feet (699 Newton-meters) of torque. Described as a family crossover, the I-Pace is capable of a 0-60 miles per hour (0-96 kilometers per hour) sprint in four seconds. “The I-Pace Concept is a radical departure for electric vehicles,” Callum says. “It represents the next generation of battery electric vehicle design. It’s a dramatic, future-facing design – the product of authentic Jaguar DNA matched with beautiful, premium details and British craftsmanship.”