Jaguar is quirky in its ideas – has a pulsating start button for a specific reason image

And it’s actually just a gimmick – but one that could have a meaning beyond the simple marketing ploy – because it pulses for the right reason.

The start/stop engine button is making life easier for some and harder for others (for example if the other driver forgets and takes the key with him when you drive off), but it’s certainly a comfort feature. It’s been going on for some time now – all recent models, even the pre-facelift XF – have a pulsating button. And it’s doing it exactly 72 times per minute because that’s the resting heart rate of a real, live Jaguar. We knew it was pulsating – but only now did we find out about the exact reason behind the idea.

Jaguar took to Twitter to inform the world about this as they replied to a short clip of someone referencing the pulsating start/stop button of an F-Type. The British automaker does make a clever connection to the feline that presented it with the company name (and logo) back in 1945 – when the firm changed from being called the Swallow Sidecar Company (established in 1922). The latest model to feature a Jaguar beating heart pulse for the start/stop button will be the XF Sportbrake, which should be officially launched in 2017.

Via Michael Hraba, Jaguar (Twitter)