Jaguar is reminding us of the XJ at Goodwood FoS image

While probably everyone else has forgotten, Jaguar still has a full-size limousine in its portfolio – the iconic XJ nameplate and all, and with the Goodwood Festival of Speed in plain sight, they also revealed their intention to bring a new version of the model there.

With no sightings in the wild of this new and mysterious model, there are little details to talk about, save for the fact that Jaguar has announced it will be marketed as a derivative of the luxury limousine – with the iconic hill climb used to complete development testing. We’re not going to be treated to the official reveal, it’s more of a preview with public, because the Jaguar will retain the full-body camouflage, albeit the design will be very special. In addition, Jaguar mentioned the model’s unwrapping will take place soon, later on this summer.

With little to go on, it’s anyone’s guess what the new XJ is all about, since the current generation has been around since way back in 2009 and is of course well on its way towards retirement to greener pastures. With many automakers presenting hardcore high-performance versions of their models at the end of the lifecycle it could very well be the case – the supercharged SVR V8 is a great powerplant, one that may complete the XJ in more than one way. Of course, it could also be a high-end ultra-luxury version, though at least’ we’re not going to wait long to see which way the XJ goes.