Jaguar Land Rover adds Bike Sense to its cars image

In the U.K, nearly 19, 000 cyclists are annually involved in car accidents. And it’s a fact that bicycle deaths have been on the increase over the past years.

This is why Jaguar Land Rover has come up with a prototype, the Bike Sense system, which comes into action to prevent collisions between cars and bicycles.

The system advises a driver of any potential dangers using lights and other warnings. The purpose of Bike Sense is to get the driver’s reaction more quickly than based on our human natural instincts. Jaguar Land Rover’s director of Research and Technology, Wolfgang Epple, explains that if you see the dashboard glowing red in front of your eyes, you will understand immediately that another road user is approaching a certain part of your vehicle.

The main idea is that a driver would associate a signal with a bicycle. The audio system would be also making a sound like a bicycle’s bell or a motorcycle’s horn when a bike would be approaching. Or, if a bike was close, the car seat would extend to tap the driver on the shoulder. If the driver doesn’t react, the system would make the accelerator pedal vibrate and the door handles buzz to keep the driver from pulling out or opening the door and hurt the cyclist.
Jaguar Land Rover is not the only one looking at ways to reduce car-bikes collisions. Another example is the Volvo City Safety forward collision warning system which detects bikes, pedestrians and large animals that might wander into a car’s path.