Jaguar Land Rover continues to amaze with new “transparent” pillar technology image

The British luxury automaker has been hard at work when it comes to technological innovations – remember the recent “transparent hood” that debuted on the Discovery Vision Concept?

Well, if that system was designed to increase your land Rover’s already crazy off-road capabilities, they now moved forward into providing a technological amazement that would be useful in every-day scenarios, such as driving on a crowded city street or in heavy freeway traffic. The prototype “360 Virtual Urban Windscreen” takes the Head-Up Display, or HUD to yet another level: an LCD display screen has been built into each of the car’s pillars and set up to display images from outside the vehicle to cover the usual blind spots. “Our ultimate aim is to reduce road accidents and enhance the urban driving experience,” says Wolfgang Epple, JLR’s Director of Research and Technology.

And they’re not stopping at that with the next generation HUD technology – as the Indian-owned automaker is also developing an intuitive approach to the usual navigation scenario – dubbed the “Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation.” It’s exactly that – just like in video games, a “ghost car” would sit in front of your vehicle, guiding you through each turn. Unfortunately, there are yet no details about the commercial availability of either systems.