Jaguar Land Rover demonstrates fully autonomous prototype image

The British automaker has recently trialed at the Horiba test center in Nuneaton, Great Britain, a Range Rover Sport prototype equipped with Level 4 autonomous technologies.

Alongside the demonstrations from the Land Rover brand, on display there were also self-driving and connected systems from Ford and Tata. The Range Rover Sport prototype was capable of driving itself, with a human supervisor at the wheel at all time to monitor progress. The premium SUV, called the Autonomous Urban Drive prototype, is apparently capable of negotiating on its own roundabouts and junctions, while also “responding to traffic lights as it motors around a simulated urban road network.”

Jaguar Land Rover has so far demonstrated Level 2 and Level 3 self-driving technologies, with its focus being on developing technologies for Level 5 autonomy, where the vehicle can handle any driving operation even when a human isn’t present in the cabin. Because we’re dealing with Land Rover, the British manufacturer is also developing autonomous tech for off-road driving – using the sensors and controlling the Terrain Response settings. JLR has also allowed employees of Greenwich to “play” with a fleet of specially equipped Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, packed with sensors that record the real-world driving habits of people – to be used afterwards to make autonomous cars drive more like humans, not robots.