Although the Chinese auto market begins to cool down, Jaguar Land Rover managed to keep up its sales the first half of this year.

From January to June the British luxury company sold 36, 451 units in China, almost doubling the number of vehicles sold in the first six months last year. Land Rover contributed the most to this total with 32,177 vehicles sold during the six month period. The company managed to boost its sales by announcing more fuel-efficient and lightweight models, to respond to the government’s demand and consumer’s taste in China.

The lightweight XJ Ultimate and the energy-efficient Range Rover Evoque were the best sold models. The XJ Ultimate model was introduced in April at the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition. The Evoque managed to sell over 10,000 units since January 2012 and the new Victoria Beckham special edition Evoque turned out to be one of Beijing Auto Show most popular models.

Jaguar Land Rover announced its plans to continue the investment in the Chinese market. The company already has 130 outlets in China, with 90 of them open for business and two world-class Land Rover Experience Centers.


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