The British automaker is apparently trying to turn the XJ limousine into a living classic, as the high-end sedan is older still even than the soon to be replaced Audi A8 D4 – but it’s doing so with a twist. And there was also an epic stunt at FoS.

The Jaguar XJ – a model so old we kind of forgotten about it – has been refreshed, probably for the last time, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed with the introduction of a slightly updated XJR version. The model came officially at Goodwood, but not for the actual release – set to take place later this year, with a prototype of the model wrapped in light blue camouflage with “575” lettering all over. This is logically because under the hood the 575 ponies reside, more precisely there are 567 horsepower (423 kilowatts) coming from the firm’s ubiquitous supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine, matching the F-Type SVR.

Jaguar Land Rover got playful at the Goodwood FoS 1

That might interest some – but we’re pretty sure most of the audience was in tune with an epic stunt of a different kind. That’s because a Range Rover Sport SVR didn’t use its power – but merely two wheels – to complete the iconic hill climb. The high-performance SUV became a two-wheel drive, though not in the traditional sense – Terry Grant took at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed the 550-horsepower supercar-SUV leisurely up the hill on just two wheels. He was apparently saving the tire tread for the end result – donuts that left a trail of smoke. If you think it’s not an epic feat – think again, this heavyweight tips the scales at 2,335 kilograms (5,148 pounds).


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