Jaguar Land Rover lets you remote-control your car through application image

The British luxury automaker looks to set itself as one of the most innovative premium automakers, with its latest push into new technologies having to do with a newly developed smartphone app that lets drivers remotely pilot their vehicle.

The idea immediately takes us to James Bond’s “Tomorrow Never Dies, ” where a BMW 750iL was remotely controlled via the smartphone by actor Pierce Brosnan – but the working prototype from Jaguar is not fictional. So it has some major limitations – and doesn’t have any options to fire missiles or machine-gun rounds. The app will let the user steer, accelerate and brake, change from low to high range – but the driver needs to move alongside the car and have it in his field of view, with the maximum speed being of 4 miles per hour. Operation is only possible if the user is within ten meters of the car and the smart key is detected – the test bed vehicle was a Range Rover Sport. Main application areas include taking the car out of a very tight parking spot or walking next to the SUV as it traverses very rough or dangerous terrain.

Next to the smartphone app, the technologically active company also introduced the Multi-Point Turn demonstrator – another Range Rover Sport. The SUV can autonomously make a 180-degree turn, saving the driver from the least pleasant maneuver the three-point turn on a busy street or in a parking structure. “The car is becoming more intelligent and more able to utilize cutting-edge sensors. These research projects are investigating how we could exploit this for the benefit of our customers and other road users,” commented Wolfgang Epple, Jaguar Land Rover director of Research and Technology.