Jaguar Land Rover Makes Investment to Upgrade its UK Plants image

Jaguar Land Rover has made an investment of GBP370 million to upgrade its UK plants for the launch of its fourth-generation Range Rover SUV.

This investment included a new aluminum body shop for the 4th generation Range Rover SUV at the Solihull facility, situated near Birmingham, and also the upgrade of its paint-applications technologies, warehousing, trim assembly and first customer handover center.

“Through a £370m investment in our manufacturing facilities we have been able to build the world’s first SUV with lightweight all-aluminum construction, a car that is 20% lighter, with fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 22%,” said JLR chief executive officer Dr Ralf Speth.

JLR’s recent expansion includes the opening of a new plant in Solihull, the beginning of production at the £355m engine plant near Wolverhampton, the opening of the Land Rover plant in India, creating a new joint venture to begin production in China and the beginning of 24-hour manufacturing at Halewood plant. The automaker has also revealed the new Range Rover at the Richmond Park event, in London, before its debut at the Paris international motor show, in France. JLR announced that the new SUV will be delivered from the beginning of 2013.