Jaguar Land Rover now lets you control its cars with a smartwatch image

The British luxury maker is extending its connectivity features by allowing owners to remotely control some of the car’s functions.

From now on, those who own one of the premium models from the British carmaker Jaguar Land Rover can remotely access some of the car’s features from their wrist. But first, they would have to leave their Swiss-precision brand watches at home and take instead a smart one. The company has just announced the expansion of its wearable technology solutions with the introduction of its remote functions app to Android Wear watch. The new app introduces a suite of connected features, including the ability to activate climate control settings by starting the engine from a distance, to keep the cabin warm or cool depending on your needs. It also allows customers to check the fuel level, monitor vehicle’s location and remotely lock and unlock the doors. The Android Wear watch app was revealed this week at the Wearable Technology Show 2016 in London, as part of a wider demonstration of Jaguar Land Rover’s Digital and Connected Car Technologies.

“This expansion of connectivity brings all the functionality of our Apple Watch app to Android devices and underlines Jaguar Land Rover’s dedication to its Connected Car Vision,” Leon Hurst, Head of Digital and Connected Car, said. The Android Wear watch app will be available on all future Jaguar and Land Rover models as well as on previous models fitted with InControl Remote or InControl Protect.

The company already offers a wearable gadget, the waterproof wristband Activity Key, which empowers the outdoor-focused owners of the Jaguar F-Pace crossover to deactivate the standard key and leave it locked securely in the vehicle rather than carrying it with them.