Jaguar Land Rover has officially inaugurated a new winter testing facility in International Falls, Minnesota, United States.

The British automaker owned by Indian carmaker Tata Motors will use the facility for cold weather testing of its Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.

The facility, which is located near the border with Canada, includes cold testing chambers, a frozen lake, snow covered test surfaces and a concrete test rack. As temperatures can dip as low as -55 degrees Fahrenheit (-48 Celsius) in International Falls, it is the ideal place to test the cold weather resistence of Jaguar Land Rover’s cars.

“This facility joins a growing list of Jaguar Land Rover facilities in the United States and reflects the company’s commercial aspirations in the U.S. Having such a facility also underscores our dedication to the all weather capabilities of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles,” Jaguar Land Rover North America president Andy Goss was quoted as saying by Leftlane News.

The International Falls facility will add to JLR’s hot weather test center in Phoenix, Arizona. Jaguar recently launched all-wheel drive versions of its XF and XJ sedans, so the test facility will be very useful for the premium brand. As for Land Rover, it’s no secret that its all-terrain vehicles have always been capable to deal with winter.


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