Jaguar Land Rover sales up 27 percent in November image

Tata Motors has announced combined global sales of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles rose 27 percent in November to 29, 183 units.

According to data released by the Indian owner of the two British luxury brands, Jaguar sales declined 5 percent in November to 5, 315 units, while Land Rover reported 38 percent sales growth to 23,868 units. The Land Rover increase was fueled by high demand for the new Range Rover Evoque, which debuted last month on European markets.

Tata also announced that accumulated sales of both brands this fiscal year rose 19 percent to 185,431 units. Jaguar sales fell 9 percent to 35,195 units in the 2011 fiscal year, while Land Rover sales rose 28 percent to 150,236 units.

Tata Motors announced that overall sales of its core brand rose 35 percent in November to 108,028 vehicles. The Indian automaker sold 750,457 units in the current fiscal year, up 10 percent compared with the previous fiscal year.

Tata Motors aims to increase its presence in Europe, with the brand preparing a range of new cars for the continent by 2013. Currently Tata vehicles are imported in Italy, Spain, Poland and Turkey but annual sales volumes are around a few thousand units a year.