Jaguar Land Rover Sets Goal of 1M Sales by the End of Decade image

Jaguar Land Rover plans to reach global sales of 750,000 units and even 1 million units until the end of this decade.

“Reaching 1 million sales will place us with the world’s other leading automotive luxury brands,” Lindsay Duffield, president of Jaguar Land Rover Canada, said at the TLS Automotive Customer Centricity Summit in Marina del Rey, California on Tuesday. “It is ambitious, but rightfully so.”

Last year the automaker sold 357,773 vehicles, an increase of 30% from 2011. Jaguar Land Rover has been focused for a long time on high-priced, low-volume vehicles, but moving into more accessible priced vehicles, such as the Range Rover Evoque, has offered the company the possibility to broaden sales prospects. Sales have also been increased by the introduction of the Jaguar all-wheel-drive variants.

The car maker said that a revival of the X-Type might be on its way, as parents Tata Motors has made heavy investments in product development, planning to add 40 new or redesigned products in the following five years. Jaguar Land Rover continues to focus on emerging markets such as China, where with 0 sales a decade ago the market has become the automaker’s number one.

Source: Autonews