Jaguar Land Rover to Manufacture Vehicles in India image

Jaguar Land Rover is considering the possibility to manufacture vehicles in India, as the automaker plans to expand in emerging markets.

“The idea is being looked into, with the (Jaguar) XF and (Land Rover) Freelander the obvious candidates, ” said a source with knowledge of the matter.

Jaguar Land Rover already assembles two models in India using engines and parts provided by the plants in the UK and the company also plans to assemble its popular Ranger Rover Evoque here soon. Many automakers have begun to focus on India, which has become an emerging market export hub. Expanding here will give JLR the possibility to reduce high import taxes for its luxury cars which might soon be increased to 100% from 75%.

“Jaguar Land Rover has ambitious plans to expand its manufacturing footprint and increase production in markets outside Britain,” Del Sehmar, a Mumbai-based spokesman for the company, told Reuters. “We continue to examine options to expand our range of locally assembled products,” he said, referring to India.

JLR is expected to unveil an electric-powered version of its Land Rover Defender and the new 9-speed automatic Evoque this month at the Geneva Motor Show. Emerging markets such as China and India accounted for 22.3% of the automaker’s sales during the fourth quarter, and the company plans to expand more in these countries.

Source: Reuters