Back in 2012, British automaker Jaguar Land Rover, currently a wholly owned subsidiary of India’s Tata Motors, was putting Mike Bell in charge of a newly created department of global connected cars.

Now, with interest at an all time high for the sector, the appointment shows its importance and Bell believes that JLR is in a pole position as it invests millions to have its entire fleet of new vehicles connected before the start of 2016. They started back half a decade ago, when customer interest was naturally low and judged the times will change – so they established the dedicated division back in 2012. Since consumer interest has risen through the roof since, JLR now seeks to have all of its vehicles connected before the year ends. Currently each vehicle manufactured in the UK is already connected, using built in telematics in all of the autos. The company uses an “opt in” technology policy – so anyone not willing to use it has the choice, but the automaker expects most clients to accept the added safety and security features and benefits – for example emergency calling and road assistance can be allowed to source data from the vehicle to optimize the intervention.

The connected car unit is a priority in the company’s product creation, which has invested ten billion pounds globally in the past half decade and at least three billion British pounds this financial year alone. So far, their main problem introducing the connectivity features is related to the coverage of high-speed data – as at least a 2G network is needed for telematics and for infotainment systems only 3G networks and above can be feasible.

Via Automotive News Europe


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