Jaguar Land Rover wants to access drivers’ subconscious image

Jaguar Land Rover is gearing up as one of the most technologically surprising luxury players, after a string of very interesting and successful concepts that have to do with driving pleasure and safety.

Now the group’s connected car unit chief is envisioning a future where their cars would be able to tap into the drivers’ subconscious to monitor its actions and make the vehicle act appropriately intuitive. “The greatest benefit the connected car gives us is data to better understand the real-world usage of the car, which in turn may lead to us engineering our cars differently,” commented Jaguar Land Rover Connected Car Director Mike Bell. He believes the approach could yield a revolution in improving the current automaker-conducted customer “clinics”, which today are restricted by gathering data after the event has taken place, rather than during the instance it occurs. He adds that our subconscious has a lot of tasks on its hand while we’re embarking in the mundane task of driving, and accessing that raw data would mean the world in lifting the driving experience for each particular customer.

He adds the data would be subject to all current privacy safeguards, being treated as anonymous source to alleviate any privacy concerns – as the core business of the automaker clearly state data handling needs to be done in a transparent way. He even addressed the concern of hackers, adding the automaker works closely with security experts to make sure the research and development process of each vehicle fends off any vulnerability.

Via Automotive News Europe