Jaguar Land Rover will not take action against China’s Jiangling Motors over the automaker’s Landwind X7, which the UK automaker stated it resembles very closely the Range Rover Evoque SUV.

JLR said in the past that it would take action against Jiangling when the Chinese automaker revealed its similar model at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China last November.

At the Shanghai Show this Monday, the Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth expressed his criticism once again of Jiangling, but mentioned that JLR cannot prevent the SUV from going on sale.

“I really regret that all of a sudden, copy-and-paste is coming up again. There are no laws, there’s nothing to protect us, so we have to take it as it is.”

The Chinese Landwind X7 will be sold at around one third of the price of the Evoque. The lookalike model has broad fenders, recessed door panels and a sloping roof, all elements resembling to components from the Evoque model. The sales for the Landwind X7 are set to start around July or August this year at about $24,189 according to the Chinese carmaker’s website in comparison to Evoque’s starting price of $67,292.



Jaguar Land Rover opened a production plant outside Shanghai in October and its Evoque model has been met with steady sales starting a month ago according to head of the automaker’s China operations, Bob Grace.

When contacted, Jiangling did not answer any calls. The employees at its stand at the Shanghai Auto Show handed out to visitors four-page brochures with the specifications for the Landwind X7. The tagline on one of the pages in brochure read “Imported car? No, China car.”

It all comes down to buyers’ choice whether or not they want the real deal or the less expensive lookalike model.

By Gabriela Florea


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