Jaguar manager echoes Musk into trashing hydrogen fuel cell image

It appears Jaguar Land Rover’s technical design director Wolfgang Zeibart isn’t convinced of the future of hydrogen fuel cell technology. We’re calling him to be more cautious…

Since another Leonardo DaVinci is unlikely to occur at this time we recommend the JLR manager to tread a little more cautious – after all even Toyota, a huge proponent of fuel cell, is now gearing up for battery electrics’ production. Hyundai, Toyota – even BMW or GM – are all pretty much interested into the hydrogen fuel cell technology. But the Jaguar Land Rover manager thrashed it much like Elon Musk from Tesla, calling it during a recent interview at the Los Angeles Auto Show as “complete nonsense.”

We can understand the vested interest into battery electrics – after all they presented the new I-Pace SUV at Los Angeles. “The well-to-wheel relationship from the energy source to the vehicle is a disaster,” he commented. He claimed 30 percent well-to-wheel efficiency during distribution and deployment of hydrogen cells, whereas electric cars are close to 70 percent. “Hydrogen doesn’t make sense. It is a complete nonsense. The well-to-wheel relationship is a disaster in hydrogen.” We’re unsure from where the figures come out but we can cite more than one source claiming the exact opposite. So, before someone comes up with the “holy grail” and somehow manages to harness a power source without harming the environment we’re calling everyone to do their best to save the planet…

Via Autocar

  • George Kafantaris

    Forget Elon Musk. The hydrogen economy is coming whether he likes it or not. But he’d better learn to like it — hydrogen will be a lifeline to his Teslas. That’s right. When the renewable energy credits are gone under the Trump administration, hydrogen will come to the rescue for his battery cars. How? Hydrogen will triple their range — extending it to over 1,000 miles per charge/hydrogen fill-up.