Jaguar planning to build “new” XKSS worth at least $1.41 million image

The British automaker has decided the XKSS from 1957 should be reiterated once more in pristine condition, with fans of such beautiful contraptions treated to a model that will be manufactured to the exact specifications as the original.

The experts over at Jaguar Classic have already tried their hand on the build of the Lightweight E-Type and now they’re ready for yet another project. The team has been tasked to reassemble the nine cars that were lost in the Browns Lane factory fire. The total production run of the original model was initially imagined at 25 units, but only 16 cars had been finished before the disaster struck. All of them had been earmarked to be exported in the United States and now, almost six decades later Jaguar has decided to honor its order book by completing the nine remaining units. Each will be priced at more than £1 million ($1.41M), so the XKSS cars will not be for the regular customer – but it may be worth it for collectors and investors as they will be commissioned to the same technical specifications as those 16 cars made in 1957.

The background about the model in question includes the XKSS being originally conceived as a road-legal version of the D-Type race car that took home the wins at the 1955, 1956, and 1957 Le Mans. Jaguar co-founder Sir Williams Lyons thought about the conversion and on January 14, 1957, he opted to transform the last 25 units of the D-Type into road-going vehicles – with the necessary modifications, of course. And ever since, history has many times referred to the XKSS as the world’s first ever supercar.