Jaguar Plans to Upgrade Its Dealerships in the US image

Jaguar plans to refurbish its dealerships in the US as it prepares for a wave of new products.

The automaker with begin with 50 older dealerships, which should be refurbished by the end of this year, Jaguar said it wants the dealerships interiors to reflect the changes made in the new models, beginning with the F-Type convertible which will be introduced in the US on May 20th, followed by a coupe version of the F-Type in 2014, a sedan to rival the BWM 3 Series and a compact crossover.

“When you buy the wife the Tiffany ring, she also wants the blue box,” said Andy Goss, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America. “We have the F-Type and all the other products as the ring, but we have to have the blue box.”

The last time Jaguar’s dealerships were updated was in 2003. The new changes include a performance center, a heritage wall and a canopy for the service drive, all to showcase the new models, as well as using cranberry, besides the traditional British racing green. The performance center for the F-Type will have a free-standing graphic wall with a floor-to-ceiling image of the model, an iPad used by customers to configure vehicles and a monitor to display Jaguar advertisements.

“The Jaguar retailers felt this is not the best time to do it because the volumes have not increased substantially yet,” said Goss. “The retailers feel they are putting the cart before the horse and the manufacturer feels they want to do this before the cars arrive. I do not think the upgrades are inexpensive.”

Source: Autonews