Jaguar prepares the all-wheel-drive Jag XJ image

According to recent reports, the British automaker Jaguar is preparing an all-wheel-drive for its flagship XJ sedan, in an attempt to increase its sales in the northern United States.

All-wheel drive road car sales in the US only make up 20 percent of the market, however, in northern areas the market share is more than three times that.

The automaker said the all-wheel-drive model will be crucial to maintaining that foothold, as nearly 70 percent of sedans sold IN NORTHERN AREAS send power to all four wheels.
However, the all-wheel-drive Jaguar XJ will not be sold only in the U.S. China is also an important market for Jaguar. Company bosses point out that, while Jaguar has 16 per cent of the premium car market in the UK, it has just five per cent in the important US market, two percent across the wider EU and just one percent in China.

An ‘entry-level’ V6 version of the Jaguar XJ has just gone on sale in the UK – powered by a 3.0-litre V6 engine from the smaller (but heavier) XF saloon giving it 238bhp and 216lb ft of torque. Although no performance figures have been revealed we’d expect a 0-100kph time of under 8 seconds and around 240kph top speed – the XJ is around 150kg lighter than its rivals. It’s stated as achieving 10.9L/100km fuel economy.