Jaguar says their supercharged V8 is used for the fuel pomp of the record Bloodhound SSC image

The Bloodhound SSC project makes a different choice when dealing with what’s under the hood – as they do use a supercharged Jaguar V8 engine in there, sending 550 horsepower.

But it’s not the wheels that are getting it, rather the fuel pump – which delivers 9 gallons every second. These are incredible times for automotive fans – on one hand we have electric, autonomous and connected cars and on the other an epic feat attempted by the team behind the Bloodhound SSC. They need the 550-horsepower fuel pump because the “car” has an EJ200 turbofan jet engine snatched from the Eurofighter Typhoon as its primary power source. But the Jaguar supercharged V8 is not even linked to this one – instead the world-record attempt car has a second engine.

This is why the supercharged Jaguar V8 is powering an oxidizer pump that will send 211.3 gallons of high-test peroxide to the car’s custom-designed hybrid rocket engine, taking care of the entire fuel tank in a mere 20 seconds. This is of course needed for their new land-speed record. But the epic adventure doesn’t stop at that – besting the current supersonic 763.035 miles per hour, set in October 1997 by the exact same team. Instead, after they beat it the bar will be set even higher – at an otherworldly 1,000 miles per hour.

Via The Bloodhound Project