Jaguar SUV to use light aluminum body, Evoque engines image

In the next 4, 5 years Jaguar will come on the market with a series of new vehicles – we are talking here about the C-X75 supercar, the forthcoming XF wagon and a new roadster. No surprise.

The real shock is a crossover SUV from the British automaker. It’s not yet fully designed, but there’s every intention to build it, from around 2015.

Jaguar still isn’t revealing much about its new crossover, but the folks at Top Gear did manage to pry out a few additional details from the company’s top execs. To start, expect the all-terrain Jag to share more than a few bits with the upcoming Range Rover Evoque.

Imagine, a compact crossover with the lightness and agility of aluminium. No-one else is doing that. And won’t be before 2015. Design work will be handled by Ian Callum, the same creative genius behind the original C-XF concept car and the production XF, as well as the new XJ and C-X75 supercar.
Top Gear also reports that a new 3.7-liter V-6 developed for a new small sports car could also find its way into the crossover, along with perhaps a supercharged variant and a new diesel-fueled offering. Eight-speed automatics will likely be offered with virtually any engine selection.
Jaguar even has a 4WD system already in development, to be fitted to the XJ from 2013 to make it an Audi A8 rival in snowy markets. This can be plugged into the new crossover.