There’s a growing trend among automakers these days – deliver an online official premiere of a car… ahead of the actual official introduction, with the car still covered in camouflage.

Carmakers are looking to snatch some reflector time any way they can – and the marketing tricks include “accidental” leaks with more or less camouflage, as well as the latest trend of giving away official details as well as press shots with the prototypes still wearing the full camouflage suit. At least Jaguar is rallying to the new marketing trend with a twist – they are presenting ahead of time the XF Sportbrake with a quirky new camouflage pattern. The model will receive its official presentation next month with tennis star Andy Murray acting as host. They’re going for a grand slam here – the pun is intended – because in preparation for the most prestigious British tennis event, the Wimbledon, the brand took the new XF Sportbrake prototype to the world’s most remote tennis court.

Jaguar teases the XF Sportbrake with oddball camouflage 2

And they did it in style – the camouflage wears a full tennis ball motif, with neon yellow shade that journeyed from Jaguar headquarters in Coventry, to the Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court in the Isle of Harris with fan Susan MacCormick in the passenger seat, as well as brand ambassador Tim Henman behind the wheel. “The Bunabhainneadar Tennis Court looks unreal, so I can see why Andy doubted Susan’s original message,” said Henman. “We’ve proven that it really does exist now and the road to the court was the perfect place to try out the new XF Sportbrake as it mixes amazing scenery with some challenging corners. I can’t wait to drive the car again – perhaps a bit closer to home.”


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