Jaguar to attempt world-first promotional stunt for new XF sedan image

Automakers usually try to bewilder you every time they present a new car, even if its’ just a mid-life cycle redesign. Ranging from wall crashes to vanishing on stage in front of thousand of people, these promotional stunts could be topped soon by Britain’s Jaguar.

The refreshed 2016 XF luxury/sports sedan is scheduled to undergo its world premiere in front of the public in attendance at the New York International Auto Show. But before that happens the British automaker – controlled today by India’s Tata Motors – is going to mind blow the planet by attempting to “tightrope walk” the car – essentially driving the car across tandem tightropes on the London sky on March 24, a week before the official premiere in New York City. Claimed to be a world’s first for a car attempting to make a tightrope crossing above water, the high-profile high-wire act should gather a worldwide audience and lift the buzz surrounding the fresh model. The incredible stunt will be supervised by Jim Dowdall, a wizard of car stunt who previously worked on a myriad of Hollywood action movies, including the spectacular 007, Bourne and Indiana Jones franchises.

Anyone fancying to see the daredevil act live should home in on starting with 3:00 EST, while the updated model will be seen in the “flesh” in New York since April 1 – with a scheduled US dealership arrival taking place later on in the fall. Extensively built from aluminum, the lightweight material that has garnered global attention for its mass usage in the new Ford F-150 pickup truck (the US automaker is the former parent of Jaguar Land Rover), the new XF will tightrope walk on two 1.3-inch/diameter wires as it will be driven on a yet to be specified body of water.

Via Forbes