The British based automaker Jaguar is planning to expand the lineup of its newest model, the XE.

The announcement hasn’t been made official just yet but it was hinted by a program director, Nick Miller, who revealed plans of introducing new body styles of the model. The Jaguar XE is expected to receive versions such as the wagon, the coupe, the cabrio and even a long wheelbase, which will probably be introduced in China. All new body styles will be riding on the same iQ[AI] platform as the standard XE sedan and they will come with the same technology and engine lineup.

Besides adding new body styles to the recently unveiled Jaguar XE, the car manufacturer is also planning of introducing a hotter version of the model, which will become a true competitor for vehicles such as the BMW M3 or the Mercedes-AMG C63. This is expected to get a V8 engine under its hood. If the missing all-wheel drive is what concerns you, don’t worry because this is also planned in the near future by Jaguar. More details on the upcoming versions of the Jaguar XE are limited for the moment and will probably be announced sometimes next year.

Source: Car Advice


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