The British based car manufacturer Jaguar will be replacing the XK with an XJ Coupe which will take on models like the Bentley Continental GT.

Jaguar will move upmarket with its XK replacement as the model is expected to hit the market in a few years. According to a recent report published by the guys at the model in question will be replaced by an XJ Coupe. This will assure Jaguar a more premium competition such as the Bentley Continental GT. Prices for the new car will start from 100, 000 GBP, almost twice as much as the current coupe.

The six-figure cost of the XK replacement will be more expensive than the one of the current top of the line XKR-S. Jaguar is following the same path as Mercedes-Benz did with its new generation of the S-Class and its recently launched S-Class Coupe. The current generation of the Jaguar XK has been in production since 2005, when it was unveiled during the Frankfurt Motor Show. The model was designed by Ian Callum, who was responsible for the Vanquish and DB7. The Standard model has a top speed of 158 mph while the XKR can reach 174 mph. The XKR-S was first shown in Geneva, back in 2012 and it has an extra 40 HP over the XKR and a top speed of 186 mph (300 km/h).


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