Jaguar to unveil a new 6-cylinder engine, could come to U.S. in XF, XJ image

British automaker Jaguar is reportedly planning to set up a new engine factory, with a couple of sites in the UK being considered as possible locations for the plant.

The board of the Indian car maker, Tata Motors, which owns Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), is understood to be discussing the viability of the engine plant and its location at present, with an announcement to be possibly made within the next month. Tata has already committed more than £1bn to the car maker since acquiring it from Ford in 2007 and a new plant would significantly add to that investment.

Sources say that the new factory will begin to build a new 6-cylinder engine that could be offered in the United States in the XF and XJ sedan. Currently, all Jaguar’s sold in the United States come with a 5.0L V8. The naturally aspirated version of the V8 produces 385-hp while the other supercharged versions make 475-hp or 510-hp.

The new plant could add up to 1,000 more employees to JLR’s existing workforce of 17,000 in the UK, in addition to giving the automotive sector and the economy a huge boost.

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  • Mark L.A.

    Its about time. At least for the XF there ought to be an alternative to a gas guzzling 8, the only current offering. U.S. customers don't tend to like diesel, even if it's a 50MPG one, albeit with emissions too high for the U.S.
    Even Ford and Chevy now offer a 300 horse 6 eith 30MPG. That would make it very competitive to the 5 series with a 6 and best Mercedes 350 until the new Mercedes 300 horse 6 is available in the mid size Benz's, which will be soon since the engine is due to launch soon, first in the little convertible.