Jaguar has recently presented to the public a new lower power level of the XF model, which is coming with a 2.2 liter diesel engine, developing 161 horsepower.

The Jaguar XF has been around for quite some time but not the British based automaker has decided to refresh it, so a new version of the model has made its appearance. According to the car manufacturer, the Jaguar XF is now coming with the 2.2 liter diesel engine, which is developing a total output of 161 horsepower. The 2.2 liter diesel engine is actually the same unit which is coming with 187 horsepower, but despite having less power, the model isn’t more economical, but it is cheaper to buy, with its price dropping below 30.000 GBP.

The Jaguar XF powered by the 2.2 liter diesel engine with its 161 horsepower can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 9.8 seconds, compared to the 8.5 seconds in the 187 HP version, before reaching a top speed of 130 mph (142 mph for the 187 HP). The engine is mated with an eight-speed transmission with automatic stop/start but even so, it isn’t as efficient as the BMW 520d ED, which is doing 62.8 mph and emitting 119 g/km of CO2. The XF is now doing 52.3 mpg and emits 149 g/km of CO2, coming with standard climate control and leather. The model is already available for order.


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