Auto Motor und Sport announced 2 months ago that a new concept car which will preview the Jaguar XF Estate will make its debut in September, at the Frankfurt Motor Show! But looks like the production of the XF Estate has been stopped. Anyway – new reports of the project’s revival are breaking and it looks like the XF Estate could be on the road by 2012.

The Jaguar XF Estate would expand on the already highly successful XF range at its mid-cycle facelift with a roomier, more cargo-capable variant that offers an eminently more civilized alternative to a crossover or SUV–shocking, but wagons do have their strong suits.

With the saloon proving a sales hit, as well as winning numerous awards – including Auto Express’s Car of the Year title – the British maker has clearly decided that the time is right to expand the XF range.

Engine choices are likely to mirror those offered on the saloon. That means the new 3.0-litre twin-turbo diesel will be available in two guises: the S, with 271bhp and 600Nm of torque, or a toned-down version delivering 238bhp and 500Nm. The more powerful car should complete the 0-60mph sprint in around six seconds.

The real fireworks come in the petrol line-up, though. Customers will be able to pick from a 238bhp 3.0-litre V6 or the all-new 5.0 V8. The latter delivers 397bhp in naturally aspirated form or an incredible 503bhp when fitted with a supercharger in the XFR.

This flagship takes Jaguar into uncharted waters. It will rival established class leaders such as the hugely powerful Audi RS6 Avant and BMW M5 Touring, as well as Mercedes’ imminent E63 AMG estate.

The XFR wagon promises 0-60mph in under five seconds and a 155mph top speed – so it’s as fast as it is practical.
Under the skin, besides a few suspension tweaks to compensate for different weight distribution, the estate will share the same wheelbase and mechanicals as the XF saloon. That should enable it to deliver a similarly strong combination of cruising ability and cornering agility.



  1. With the XF, Jaguar has been experiencing something of a sales renaissance in markets across the globe.In the United Kingdom, Jaguar’s home market, estates (what we call in America wagons) are big sellers.


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