The new Jaguar XF got only 4 stars at the EuroNCAP crash tests. Problem is that five star ratings have become almost routine in today’s industry, and XF rivals, like the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class, have both previously earned five stars.

A four-star rating does not make a car unsafe, but given the Jaguar XF’s premium status and the fact that even most small cars are getting five-star ratings these days, one would have expected a top mark for a car like the XF in EuroNCAP’s crash tests.

After the crash test verdict was unveiled, a Jaguar spokesman said the company is taking the rating “very seriously”.

“We’re looking at the safety results and how we can incorporate changes into future models.”

Comparation between Jag XF and new 5 Series:

A pillar movement

BMW 1 mm

Jag 12 mm

Adult occupant

BMW 95%

Jag 78%

Child occupant

BMW 83%

Jag 65%

Whiplash protection

BMW good

Jag marginal

Pedestrian impact

BMW 78%

Jag 43%

Safety assist (ESP and other active safety equipment)

BMW 100%

Jag 71%


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