Jaguar XJ by Startech image

The German aftermarket specialists at Startech have recently launched a visual upgrade kit for the Jaguar XJ.

Without even touching the mechanical side of the car, Startech has modified the British model, taking it to a whole new level, thanks to a new aerodynamic body kit, some large alloy rims and an exclusivist interior design. As you can see from the images below, Startech has fitted the Jaguar XJ with a new body kit made out of EOM which is offering the vehicle a special look, making it stand out of the crowd, a design which is also highlighted by the 21 inch forged alloy rims. Last but not least, the Germans have chosen a new trapezoidal shape for the stainless steel rear mufflers which have been made from a single block.

The interior design is what this upgrade kit is all about and Startech have fitted the cabin with natural leather, wood insertions, Alcantara leather and a lot of gadgets like a multimedia system centered on an Apple iPad which will keep the rear passengers busy. A GPS antenna which allows internet connection, aluminum pedals and colored floor mats have also been added to the British model. Startech didn’t provide an official price for its Jaguar XJ upgrade package.