Jaguar XJ X350 Black Edition by Wald International image

Japanese tuner Wald International has presented a Black Edition of the previous Jaguar XJ.

Black Editions keep popping up these days with European cars hitting the front page and Japanese in the “sports section”. Keep this up and everyone will drive a Black Edition soon. But enough, let’s talk about the redesigned Jag from Wald International.

The old generation of the XJ launched by the Japanese tuner as a Black Edition features new front and rear bumpers, side steps, boot lid spoiler, roof spoiler, fender panel and mirror covers with LED indicators. A lot of “spoilers” for a Jag.

And considering the fact that it is a Black Edition, big rims couldn’t miss from the show. So the previous generation of the XJ is fitted with 21-inch wheels, 9.0 J, with 255/30R21 tires at the front and 10.5 J, 295/25R21 at the back.

For those who love loud cars, the Japanese tuner Wald International also fitted a sports muffler for a new sound.

The “new” pimped Jag is available for its customers but, however, the price remains a mystery for the moment.