Jaguar XJ220S going for auction image

A rare Jaguar XJ2205 will be auctioned in Arizona and it’s expected to be sold for a price tag set between 225.000 USD and 300.000 USD.

The Jaguar XJ220S is actually a very rare sports car and only 6 units of the “S” model have been developed, while the XJ220 has been manufactured in 350 units. According to the car manufacturer, the Jaguar XJ220S has actually been developed with the help of TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing), who had to strip most of the original aluminum body on the XJ220, which has been replaced by carbon fiber. The model has also been fitted with a front splitter, wider sills and an adjustable rear spoiler, all of these changes leading to an even more aggressive look for the sports car.

Under the hood, the original Jaguar XJ220S had been powered by the same V6 engine as the XJ220 model, but in the “S” version, the unit’s total output has raised from 680 horsepower and 712 Nm of torque (526 lb-ft) to approximately 700 horsepower. The supercar’s performance has also been improved thanks to the carbon fiber body and new titanium exhaust system, along with many other changes. Just as we said above, the model is going to be auctioned in Arizona and it’s expected to fetch somewhere between 225K and 300K USD.