Jaguar’s Ian Callum has a Mark 2 gem image

Callum is the British automaker’s design director, so the fact that he purchased a Jaguar Mark 2 and then redesigned it to his liking – turning the classic car into a resto-mod – could hardly be a surprise.

The real marvel here is the fact that – as auto designers remain artists at their core – Callum’s lightly modified, custom ride seems to have become even better looking then before. And that’s a testament to Jaguar’s classic lines as much as to the designer’s talent. So, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the September 8 reveal of his latest work – the Jaguar XE sedan.

Back to the modern retro Mark 2, we have to say some words about the original: built between 1959 and 1967, the model proved fast and spacious – so interestingly became the car of choice for both UK criminals and police officers.

Callum took this particular Mark 2 through a subtle redesign process, modifying both the interior and exterior, but also tapping – with the help of the Jaguar engineers for sure – into the car’s drivetrain and chassis. The model needed 18 months of work and now has a reengineered front and rear suspension, a new power steering rack, upgraded coil springs and adjustable dampers. There are also new 17 inch rims, the car is now 30 mm lower than before and the brakes have been “refreshed” for contemporary performance. Under the hood sits a tuned 4.3 litre XK V8 engine that delivers power to a five-speed manual transmission. Unfortunately, the design director has not whispered a word about the new performance prowess.