We’re just about ready to say hello to Jaguar’s only second ever crossover model, the E-Pace, which is going to be revealed in front of the worldwide audience this Thursday at 3:00 p.m. EDT.

Jaguar held on before building its own SUVs due to a fear of clashing with the all-terrain experts from the group – but as the crossover fever has taken the world it seems there’s enough room for everyone. Which is why Jaguar is now looking to gain new customers with its first ever compact crossover – the E-Pace, which is about the same size as the Range Rover Evoque for the sake of comparison. We already know the E-Pace can be had from $38,600, below the larger and already popular F-Pace.

Given Jaguar’s teasers – which have shown the vehicle without any camouflage, we can all safely assume the E-Pace is a very close relative to its bigger brother. In terms of powertrain combinations, we can safely assume the group’s latest crop of Ingenium engines – both diesel and gasoline – will be the primary choice for the compact crossover. The E-Pace, a new premium SUV, is pitted against models such as the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 compact crossovers, and we can expect a strong popularity showing based on the F-Pace’s trend.



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